Thursday, 30 August 2018

Tips on How To Clean Your Fabric Sofa

Sofas sets are available in a variety of materials. Some of the materials call for great care and may get damaged if spills and stains are left behind for a longer duration. In such cases, hiring a professional cleaner may burn a hole in your pocket, so, what is the solution? The pocket-friendly cleaners and dry cleaning solutions available in the market can help you in maintaining the look and feel of your brand new sofa. Read down to know how easily you can keep your sofas looking fresh and attractive for years to come.

Remove stains from the seat

If you have spilled something on the seat by mistake, don't panic, put a mix of warm water and dish washing liquid on the affected area using a damp cloth. Rinse with a clean damp cloth and let it dry on its own. Do not rub on the stain as it may make it harder to remove. Sprinkling some baking soda on the seat of your sofa would keep it smelling good.

Read the tag or the care label before you begin cleaning your sofa
Make sure to read the tag or the care label before you begin cleaning your sofa. Read the instructions carefully for better cleaning. If you have bought the sofa set online, check the website for care instructions.

As compared to fabric sofas need more care and attention. Fabric can get damaged when exposed to excessive soap or water. On the other hand, fabric shows no such signs when comes in contact with soap or water. Special wax-based cleaners are available in the market to clean fabric sofas. Spot-test is recommended for materials before you begin the cleaning process.

If your sofa is made of finished fabric, then the work of removing the stains will be an easy job. All you need to do is get a wet cloth with a little soap and just wipe over the stain.

Ensures that all is dried up with a clean dry cloth

At the end of cleaning the sofas this way, ensures that all is dried up with a clean dry cloth. To maintain their condition it will be good to apply conditioning formula.

You need to try the remover on o more hidden place of the sofa.
Caution is to be applied here when dealing with stain removers. Some are too strong and if not handled with care, they can really alter the color of your sofa especially the affected part. Before you embark on cleaning the entire sofa with the stain remover, you need to try the remover on o more hidden place of the sofa.

Do not buy a sofa when you have pets at home
If it’s an impossible task because the sofa came first before the pets, or you simply want fabric sofa so badly, you must train your four-legged friends to stay off the furniture. Not training them will result to unwanted stains and punctures.

Fluff the upholstery 
Just like the pillows in your bedroom need to be fluffed from time to time to get back in shape, the seating cushion on your sofa needs the same. Make sure you are fluffing them regularly to maintain their shape. Fluffing would only take about two minutes of your life.

Vacuum clean the body
The small spaces in your sofa body become a sleeping place for many objects. The best way to take out all these objects is by vacuuming the body of your sofa. From your long lost ring to the cap of your ketchup bottle, you will be surprised to see weird things resting in there. When cleaning the upholstery, use the dedicated upholstery attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner.

Make it a habit to clean up fabric sofas immediately after any spills

You can use baby wipes or sponge and lukewarm water to gently clean up the mess. If the stain is quite stubborn, use only a mild cleaning agent that will not harm the fabric. Liquid bath soap will do. Use a damp soft cloth and squirt some soap onto it. Rub it gently until the stain disappears. Then, dry the area with a towel. If this technique doesn't work because the bath soap is too mild, you may opt to use some lemon juice.

Make sure to also check your clothes first before sitting on the sofa
When you came from doing activities outside like some gardening, make sure to also check your clothes first before sitting on the sofa. If you are dirty and muddy, you would end up making your fabric couch the same. Practice some caution. You wouldn't want to spend more time working on your sofa after working on your garden, would you?

Take help from the tag
Your professional cleaning company should be able to offer you a good price for sofa cleaning, particularly if you order more than one service. The price will likely depend on the fabric of your sofa.

These many ways on how to keep fabric sofas clean. If you have one at home, these tips will surely help you treat it better. Care for your furniture more so you can enjoy it for a much longer time.

Hiring sofa cleaning service

The reason behind the damage caused to your Sofa can be water marks, chewing gum, red wine and coffee marks or any other fluid which ultimately damages the cloth. This is very crucial situation but don't worry about it. Hiring sofa cleaning service and maintain your elegance and quality.

There are many cleaning companies which offer cheap and best sofa cleaning

There are many cleaning companies which offer cheap and best sofa cleaning. They have a team of highly experienced staff that capable of any size and type of sofa cleaning. They also see that no damage and harm is become from their sensitization procedure and the products used while the cleaning. They utilize advanced tech tools and equipment which makes the stains invisible and remember of the day when you bought new sofa for your home. Using the upholstery cleaning for sofas you can get more fine results and maintain quality of sofa.