Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Carpet Look Fresh & Clean

A house with a well-fitted carpet that matches the interior d├ęcor of your house can leave your house looking attractive. This is very affordable to all homeowners.However, a major question is, are you encountering difficulties in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet? Well, this has been a major challenge because carpets are known to lure dirt and spills. It has been found out that carpets get swapped more often, that is in an average of six to seven years. Most people replace their carpets when relocating to new houses or when they are selling their old homes. Implementing proper cleaning methods can elongate this period to more years. A clean carpet is free of months, toxins among other unpredictable living compounds. This article will enlighten you on what steps to take in ensuring that your carpet looks neat as a new pin.
Below are the tips;

1. Vacuum Daily
If you want your carpet to be neat and tidy always and then vacuuming it daily is not an option. This is not a hard task. It is advisable to ignore the outer appearance of your carpet this is because it can deceive you into believing that it is spick-and –span.Carpets tend to hide dirt and other particles on their fibers making it hard for you to see them and also tarnishing your carpet.It is, therefore, wise to ensure that you vacuum it on a daily basis for best results. Note that you should purchase a quality brand vacuum cleaner and also maintain systematic breaks each time you clean.

Apart from carrying out this routine, it is also advisable to make sure that you get it cleaned by a professional severally in a year. This will give it a general cleaning mostly to the parts you may neglect. You should note the seasons that you will get it cleaned properly, it is paramount to consider a time like summer and spring when beetles and other insects are finding their way in.

2. Spot Clean
No matter how careful you are about spilling stuff on your carpet, some accidents are inevitable. This means that you should always be armed so as to take action with immediate effect. Don’t get too excited that your carpet comes with stain warranties, this happens. It does not mean that you will just leave spills and spots on the carpet. Remember leaving a spot on a fabric for a long time will turn into a stain meaning after it gets dissolved it can’t come out. It is, therefore, imperative to keep in mind that you have to clean spots and spills immediately.

It is paramount to check for companies that have charts that talk about spot removal. This is because these charts give effective solutions on how to remove spots from your carpet. It is advisable never to scrub whenever your carpet has a spill this is because you are dealing with delicate fabric. The most recommended thing to do is to mildly blot after rubbing in some spotting solution. This is not one off thing to do you may need to repeat this process to get your carpet sparkling. Also, be careful to avoid over dampening your carpet this could turn into a mess.There are other household ingredients you can use to clean your carpet and make sure all the stains are gone. This includes baking soda and corn starch among others, these are very good in dealing with greasy stains.All that you should do is sprinkle some of the above on the stain and leave it overnight then using your vacuum cleaner wipe it out. This works magic and they improve the appearance and feel of your carpet.

3. Professionally Clean
This is a maintenance process that you should not think twice about. It is very recommendable for you to clean your carpet professionally for at least thrice a year. This ensures that your carpet retains its neatness and texture and it also makes it easy for you to maintain its cleanliness. It is crucial to store the cleaning receipts because you may require them in case you want a warranty.

Some knowledge on how carpets are cleaned is essential. For instance, you should note that most carpet mills use hot water abstraction techniques this is by far the most recommended method reason being that it extracts all the soil, spots and dust particles. They also avoid using chemicals that may damage your carpet and family. This technique is the convenient because you will get your carpet done in hours.What it does is to squeeze all the water to ensure it gets dry what’s more is that your carpet remains as clean as you purchased it.

4. Keep The Dirt Outside 
You can implement this method whereby everyone leaves their dirty shoes outside. Those who use this routine can confirm that it really works in getting clear of extra dirt on your carpet. You can also make use of entry mats these methods will leave your carpet looking new. It has been observed that carpets that are stepped on by shoes become way much older compared to those that are not stepped on by dirty shoes. This is because the dirt from the shoes is absorbed and hidden by fiber thus eating up the carpet. It also makes the carpet appear dull even after vacuum cleaning it this is because a lot of dirt is stored in the fiber.

5. Rotate Furniture 
A carpet wears out quickly if you take a long time before moving your furniture. Not moving your furniture creates room for dirt stack up. It is, therefore, recommendable to rotate your furniture at least twice a year this will prevent your carpet wearing out too early.
Maintaining your carpet is not a daunting task. All you are required to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be wearing a smile on your face once you take a look at it.You just have to implement the methods you are comfortable with and they will work just the same.