Monday, 19 December 2016

Upholstery Cleaning Tips For Spring Cleaning

Thinking of spring cleaning your home, or maybe some upholstery cleaning? It's possible to find a highly reputable upholstery cleaning company near you who will be able to do an excellent job of cleaning all your upholstery and rugs. You may have some very excellent examples of rugs, either modern area rugs or traditional Persian rugs - you may also have furniture upholstered in easy-care synthetic fabrics or even the great Irish linen. In either case, for those times when you are not quite at the point of calling in the professionals, some useful upholstery and rug cleaning tips will help you keep your furnishings in optimum condition, without too much effort or expense.

As far as upholstery cleaning is concerned, if you can locate the upholstery attachment on your Hoover and talk yourself into using it every couple of weeks, you can save yourself a lot of time later on. If your sofa and chairs have removable cushions, you can take them outside and beat them occasionally. Again this is one of those jobs that isn't exactly fun, but it can extend the life of your furniture considerably, as can turning the cushions over now and again so that they wear equally on both sides. Two big enemies of clean upholstery are shoes and food, so in an ideal world, both would be banned from the living room. The reality is that we like to enjoy our living spaces, and accidents happen. Then you need to act quickly and action some quick upholstery cleaning to contain spills and stains.

Leather upholstery does not only look beautiful, but they are sophisticated in appearance too. If you want to maintain this look for eternity, you just simply have to do some leather upholstery cleaning and on a regular basis. It is important to clean your leather furniture within every 6 months. You can simply use a mixture of any mild soap or body-wash and water, and rinse your furniture with a piece of cloth.

Do make sure to use only distilled water if possible, because then there will be no room for discoloration and destruction. Once you are done with rinsing, do some upholstery buffing with a clean piece of cloth again, in order to keep the lustre of the upholstery intact. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and linseed oil, in the 1:2 potions, when doing the leather upholstery cleaning. Clean it in a circular motion and let it rest for at least 10 minutes and then use a clean cloth to buff it back.

Leather upholstery cleaning tips:

A good way to begin is to try and vacuum or dust the furniture on a weekly basis. Removing pet hair and dust is a simple trick that can cut down on the dirt building up on sofas and chairs. Most vacuum cleaners have upholstery attachments to help with cleaning fabric.

One of the easiest and the most cost-effective upholstery cleaning tips is to use water. Using cold water works well for taking out greasy stains. Water is a clean and organic way to clean without using chemicals.

Always wipe up the spills and stains on an immediate note from your leather upholstery furniture. If you don't, then the spills will get soaked in the furniture's fabric and then it will further become an uphill task to clean it.

Make use of leather protectant, which you can buy from any of the furniture shop. The protectant will maintain the look and appearance of your leather upholstery.

Make sure of not using furniture polish, oils, and products that has either silicone content or wax when doing your leather upholstery cleaning. If you do use the above mentioned products, then you will find a damaged and sticky piece of leather furniture.

Along with oil, polish and wax and silicon based product, it is also best to avoid varnish, saddle soap, cleaners containing ammonia and bleach when cleaning your leather upholstery. These products will act as harsh elements and cause some major damage to your leather furniture, for example, wear and tear of the leather fabric, discoloration etc.

If you want to avoid the drying out of your leather furniture, do take the place of your furniture seriously. Avoid placing the furniture in the direction of sunlight and definitely, keep them away from any heat emitting sources, for example, fireplace, heating vents, radiators and others, even the air conditioner.

Most stores stock a wide variety of cleaning products useful for taking out stains. These cleaning products can be tested on a hidden part of the fabric to see how it works. It is helpful to do this to make sure the fabric does not react to the cleaner.

Some stains seem impossible to remove. An ink stain may seem like one of those stains unless you use a simple product such as hairspray. A person can use the hairspray and a paper towel to blot the ink as many times as necessary until the ink is removed.

Sometimes a simple steam cleaning machine will do the trick of perking up furniture and making it look revitalized. There are machines available in local stores for rent, or a person could buy a small machine to keep at home. A person should try to spot clean stains along with using a steam cleaner.

It is important to read the care instructions on fabrics and to find out what kind of cleaners can be used. Using a deodorizer or a fabric refresher is a good way to help keep your furniture feeling new and fresh. There are also low-cost products to use on pet stains and odors.

These are some of the methods, tips and advice that will help in leather upholstery cleaning, but at the same time, save you from damaging your furniture and ensure its longevity. It is also important to check out the manual, whenever buying leather upholstery and if required call a professional to undertake the cleaning process.This is meant that you always achieve the best of the best.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to Clean the Leather Car Seats

If you want a great interior for your car, you must clean your car seats from time to time. These Leather car seats are very comfortable and look luxurious. Most of the people neglect their car’s interior. Most of us don’t even care about our leather seats. However, keeping your car’s interior clean, mainly the glistening leather seats, can make your car stand out. The main reason that your leather seats get dirty, is the surface dirt. Therefore, it is very important to remove the surface dirt, and condition the leather seats regularly. While this whole procedure may sound laborious, this is actually a pretty simple task. You don’t need to call upon a professional, to clean your seats, you can do it yourself by following these simple steps.

Check for dirty areas in your car seat
If your leather seat is dirty in some areas and is visible it is basically due to surface dirt. Be careful not to apply water, conditioner or any solution straight away, because that might get stuck into holes, and cause problems. Check your car manual, before applying anything. Your car owner’s manual will have the list of solutions to use and the products to avoid. The manual should also have the specific care steps for the leather material.

Vacuum clean the seats
If you can see large specks of dust, in the seats of your car, then a vacuum cleaner can do a great job. It can suck up the particles of dust, and can clean your seats of the dry dust. Be careful, not to scratch up your seats. An air compressor can also do the work, for small particles which get locked in between the curves of the seat. The air compressor can blow out dirt between the seat fissures.

Removing the surface dirt
When your seats are really dirty, you can see blackish spots all over the leather. Moreover, as leather holds the dirt, the blackish spot on your glistening leather seat, can be seen clearly. Seats may also get dirty over time, because it is very common that, dirt will get accumulated over time. Now, in these cases, spray a cleaner into the seats, and wipe it with a microfiber towel. Before spraying anything, you may consult the owner’s manual for reference. There are many cleaners today in the market in the genre of leather cleaner, mild leather soap, saddle soap. While you may use a cleaner by buying it from the market, you can also make a cleaner at home. Adding one part of Vinegar with two parts of linseed oil, and then shaking it, may also result in a great leather cleaner.

Deep clean with a brush
If you have a pet in your house, you may have this soft-bristled brush. If you don’t, you can buy it from the market. Spray your cleaner onto the seats, and then gently scrub the brush, on the seat. This will stir, the dust particles, and It will come out of the fissures, and onto the surface. If you are not really sure about the authenticity of the spray, avoid directly spraying into the leather seat, as that might damage the leather, instead, spray into the brush, and then gently scrub the leather seat with the brush. After, you have scrubbed with the brush, it’s time to dry the seat. Take a microfiber cloth, and wipe it dry. Wipe the seats clean, afterwards again with the microfiber cloth, and you will see that oil, grime and dirt on the piece of cloth.

While it is very important to clean your seats every day, even if you don’t get the time, try to clean your seats once in a week. This will avoid larger accumulation of dirt in the leather seats, and your seats will be back to the showroom standards. Only cleaning your seats will not give it back the original glow that it actually had. Simultaneously, conditioning your seat is important. Here are the few steps that you can follow to condition your seats.

Choosing the right conditioner
Choosing the right conditioner for your leather seats can be a fuss. Search for a leather conditioner which does not contain petroleum distillates, waxes or silicon. A conditioner gets back the oily finish of the leather, so choose a high end product, since the low end products may leave back a greasy finish.

Test your conditioner
Test your conditioner by applying it in an inconspicuous area of your leather seats, and see if it discolors or damage your seats. If it does not, then it’s pretty safe to be used. To apply your conditioner, you need a microfiber cloth, to gently rub it around.

Use your conditioner
Spray a little bit of conditioner in a specific part of your seat, and gently rub it around with a microfiber cloth. Be cautioned about not to spray more than a few drops. More conditioner will make it stick to the leather, and hence it will appear sticky or greasy. Even if, it is sticking, then you may take another microfiber cloth, and wipe the seat, to get rid of excess conditioner.

Garage your car overnight
Your conditioner needs to settle in on the leather seats, which will give you the glow. So, for that you need to garage your car overnight, or at least keep it in a shade. The bombardment of UV light helps it to set in, but before that, you need to give it a chance to set in naturally.

Tone the seats with a microfiber cloth
After the conditioning process is over, take a microfiber cloth, and buff the seats. Polishing the seats, can help get rid of the excess conditioner in the seat. Gently polish with circular motions, and get every area, slowly, by getting rid of excess conditioner. Most of the leather seats, do not need daily conditioning. Conditioning for twice or thrice a year, is enough.

You will notice the difference after following these steps of Cleaning and Conditioning. The sparkling leather seats will again be soft, supple and will look like new. The sparkling leather seats will obviously differentiate your car from the other cars.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Leather Couch Cleaning Tips

Leather couches are known for their durability, comfort, and the addition of decor in the living room. However, for you to enjoy long services from your leather couch, you should exercise proper care and cleaning methods. If you have a leather couch in your living room, then it's crucial to clean it and maintain it so that it serves for a larger span of life. By cleaning the leather sofas regularly not only will you extend its life but it will keep your living room attractive and a pleasantly habitable space.

Tips on how to Clean a Leather Coach

Clean Regularly
Do not allow months of soiling and stains to build up. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to remove the soiling. With regular cleaning, the task is more easily achieved, without the need for expensive materials or paying for a professional to do it. You do not want to leave it so long that the cleaning becomes an aggressive process with the need for elbow grease and excessive pressure being applied. You simply want to glide over the leather with minimal effort and pressure.

Vacuum Cleaning
Dust build up, and small spillages of food particles are an everyday occurrence and unavoidable. If these are allowed to build up, they will start to cause microscopic scratches in the leather which over time will dull the leather and cause the luster to deteriorate. When cleaning the upholstery, use the dedicated upholstery attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner.

Removing Stains From the Sofa
If you or any member of your family has accidentally spilled something on the seat, don't panic, put a mix of warm water and dish washing liquid on the affected area using a damp cloth. Rinse the stained area with a clean damp cloth and let it dry on its own. Do not rub on the stain as it may make it harder to remove. Sprinkling some baking soda on the seat of your sofa would keep it smelling good. However, you should apply the right cleaning method in removing particular stains. Essentially, there are methods that will work well for different types of stains. For instance, you should use a dry fabric in removing grease rather than using hot water. For an ink stain, apply isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab then clean it.

Use a Mild Detergent or Wipe
Used sparingly, lightly and regularly this solution works well. There is, however, an important proviso; you must replace the natural oils removed by the cleaning process. It is worth remembering that leather is a skin and naturally contains oils and pigments that help maintain its suppleness and moisture content. If you forget this important step, you run the risk of drying out the leather, causing premature cracking and aging.

Using Leather Conditioners
While there are many brands of leather conditioners, it is always wise for you to use a conditioner that you have had experience with in the past. You should always experiment with your leather conditioner selection by using it on a small, hidden spot, in order to determine whether or not it will adversely affect the coloring and/or quality of the leather itself.

It is important to note that most leather conditioners will not help you if you have any tears or deep staining. Leather conditioners are primarily used to simply restore the luster of the leather to "like-new" condition.

Cleaning Your Sofa With Baby Oil
If you do not have a leather conditioner, you can also use baby oil. While many discourage this technique, it is an adequate substitute for a leather conditioner. The only important thing for you to pay attention to when using baby oil is that you do not use too much. Baby oil has a tendency to stay slippery for some time, even after it is buffed; so, use the minimal amount possible, and follow the same steps above to treat your leather sofa. When testing it in a small area of the sofa, make sure the slippery effect is not present. If it is, then you used too much baby oil and vice-versa.

Avoid the Use of Harsh Cleaning Solution
It is advisable to refrain from using severe and harsh chemical products when cleaning your leather couch for they can ruin the surface of the leather greatly. It is advisable to purchase the right product for the job; there are plenty of providers out there so sourcing one will not be difficult. Though the prices for quality cleaning products with minimal or no adverse effects on your couch might be quite costly, the results are always worth it.

Note that If you don't use the right types of soap or detergent for cleaning it's possible that the leather fabric may lose it's quality because of chemical reactions caused by the wrong kind of solution. It is also possible that the detergent itself creates stains on the surface of the sofa. This can be very damaging for the sofa cover and cost you a great deal in the long run.

Always Test Clean First
Never ever, ever put any cleaning product onto your leather without first carrying out a small test clean on an inconspicuous area such as down the side of the cushions. Most modern leather upholstery is colorfast, but there are plenty of cheap leather suites that are not and even the mildest cleaning solution could take the color out.

Follow the Cleaning Instructions of the Manufacturer
Finally, before applying any cleaning detergent on your leather coach, ensure that is fit for the material of the sofa. You should learn about the materials of your coach before embarking on any particular cleaning product. Most sofas will have a tag attached to it that mentions what type of water (cold/hot) and detergent is to be used for cleaning purposes. Most people ignore these instructions and end up having trouble in the long run.

That is why while cleaning leather sofas follow the exact instructions of the manufacturer and improve the life of your sofa for a habitable and relaxing environment in your living room.


Leather couches are not only durable but make a living room exquisite. However, for you to enjoy longer services from these sofas, you have to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance practices. The tips listed above will guide you on how to clean the leather couches with minimal adverse effects.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Where Should We Start First For Home Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is never an easy task for any home owner. When you start spring cleaning then most of the time you make many mistakes in it because you do not know things that you should do for this cleaning. In this requirement many people keep asking the same question where should we start first for home spring cleaning? If you also have the same question in your mind and you are waiting to get an answer for this, then you are at right place. I won’t say there is only one thing that you should pay attention in your home spring cleaning, but if you can pay attention on these few things, then you will be able to finish this work in really smart manner. 

Get rid of old stuff: Before even starting the spring cleaning work in your home, it is extremely important that you get rid of all the old stuff from your house. If something is there that you are not using, then just throw it away from your house. If you can sell it, then sell it and that will do good for you. If you cannot sell that material because it is worthless, then also you should not keep it in your home. Keeping that material in your home will not only increase the work for your spring cleaning, but it will reduce your speed as well. 

Get rid of clutter: A cluttered home is never a good place for spring cleaning and you should always keep that thing in your mind. If you will have a cluttered home, then you will get frustration because of that cluttering and you will be able to pay less attention on the cleaning part. To avoid any kind of complication or issues, it is advised that you remove the clutter from your home. So, if you see some clutter in your home, then make sure you do not take it for granted assuming you will clean it later. Instead of that you should start the cleaning and arrangement of those things right away so you can have better spring cleaning.

Clean higher area first: In your spring cleaning work, you should clean the higher areas of your home before the surface. When you clean the higher areas such as edge of your window and door, or the fan, then you drop all the dirt or residue on the floor. If you will clean the floor or lower area first, then you will have to clean it again and that will just double up your work. Needless to say, that will increase your frustration as well and you will not enjoy the spring cleaning work in your home. This simple rule is applicable in all kind of cleaning and you should follow this rule in this particular cleaning as well.

Clean your windows: In order to do proper spring cleaning in your home, it is advised that you clean your windows thoroughly. If you will clean your windows properly, then you will be able to have much better result in easy ways. When you clean your windows, then you can clean its edges as well as its glass as well. Many time people forget to clean the glass of their windows and as a result of that their entire efforts goes to vein. So, I would recommend you not to make this mistake in any condition so you can get the optimum result in this particular manner with great ease.

Clean your cupboards: If you have dirty cupboard, then you cannot have any clean house in any condition. That dirty cupboard can lead you to a negative experience and it can also give a bad smell in your house. You can easily avoid these issues or minor problems just by cleaning your cupboards. To clean your cupboards you can simply remove dirt and dust from it before cleaning and later you can use some cleaning agents or solution for same. That will be an easy task and it will give optimum result also to you in easy manner. 

Start with inner rooms: In your spring cleaning you should always start the work with your inner room. I am giving this suggestion to you because when you start the cleaning from inside then you can take out all the dirt, dust and other things to outer rooms or halls. It will not increase your work by double and you will be able to have better cleaning as well. Also, when you do this cleaning, then make sure you clean every corner of your room. It will also make sure you get a clean place to rest during your spring cleaning work. If you will start it from outside, then you will not have any clean place to rest and your tiredness will even increase your work load.

Check your refrigerator: To finish your home spring cleaning you must clean your refrigerator as well. Many people just keep using their fridge for several years without thinking about its cleaning. That is not a good practice to follow and it can lead you to many hazardous situations. To avoid that kind of mistake, you should make sure you clean your fridge. You should take out all the food from it, you should unplug it and you should clean it thoroughly. That may not be an easy task, but that is one thing that you should do to have effective spring cleaning in your home.

Also, you should not ignore any kind of hidden places in this task. Under your bed, fridge, or sofa, there can be pile of the dust and dirt that need to be removed. You can have same kind of situation behind your mirror, movable storage spaces and photos as well. I don’t have to explain it to you that you should pay attention to these places as well before initiating your spring cleaning work. That minor attention can actually help you get much better result and you will be able to have a clean fresh and healthy home in a smart manner.

Friday, 15 July 2016

How To Remove Stains On Your Sofa?

Many homeowners in Singapore will always ask themselves this question when they want to make their homes looking modern and classic. However, with a guide, you will clean your stained sofas easily thus enabling your home to look modern. Here is a simple guide on how to remove Stains from Your sofa in Singapore: 

Identify the stained area in your sofa
When you have general dirt or even old stains, you will want to have them thus strategizing on how to clean them well when planning for the best solution. Those who have used it have found themselves these alternatives during the time when cleaning it.

Therefore, you must do first thing of identifying any spill or blot, might be hard for you to remove when you decide to start cleaning it. When you identify the area, you will learn on what will works for yourself when deciding to make your choice easily during these moments when cleaning the place to remove old stains. You must also understand the process of blotting since it perhaps the crucial sense part that you will learn on how to clean your upholstery by removing the old stains.

Ensure you choose the best Upholstery Cleaners when removing old stains 
You must be aware of the upholstery cleaner types that you must know when making that perfect decision. How should you do it? When you have these options when planning to market yourself, you will decide on the quality that well works for you thus aiding you decide on these options.

You must choose the upholstery fabrics well since fabrics can use upholstery that vary, such as cotton, acetate, linen, rayon, wool, silk, acrylic and olefin among others when deciding on what best you will have during your time in Singapore. You must understand the upholstery fabrics that has different colors, which helps you decide on the quality when using them. You must know what best cleaners you would use when cleaning.

When you read the reviews of homeowners as well as their choices, you will understand them well thus making decide on the top quality one. You will have an easy time when you choose the best Upholstery Cleaners to use when cleaning your carpets. Only choose those with positive reviews since they will enable you get the best returns when seeking these options in Singapore.

You must Understand Upholstery Cleaning Codes
Within the furniture industry, you will find many options that you must know how to take care when deciding on these options. You will learn on them well to make a decision on what will work for yourself during the period when buying them.

You must know the water based detergent and water free products, like dry cleaning solvent as this will enable you decide on the best. You will clean your sofas well when using it since you will know the different upholstery fabric that you must use them as you decide on the quality. This will also guarantee you the best results when cleaning your sofas.

Seek help from professional cleaners 
With the help from professional cleaners, you will select the best cleaning methods they would suggest for you for the upholstery stains when you want them easily. You must learn on them since you will decide on the quality that will work perfectly well for you.

With their experience, they will offer you professional advice or assistance on ways of ensuring that you do clean upholstery with no tags still accessible or attached. However, you must know whether they are certified since will determine the kind of services you will have from them to make your sofas look new again in Singapore.

Understand your old Stain or Spill well before cleaning it 
When you understand your upholstery stain removal, you will learn on a general guidance on these types of cleaner to use on these types of stains. In addition, you must know removing upholstery spots tips to work for you. With the right information, you will choose the best upholstery has a unique code to help you get it right when deciding on the quality.

With a choice of the best cleaning method, you will clean your upholstery well thus removing these old spots on your sofas easily thus making them among these excellent options. You will learn on them well since you will know these options for your house to make it clean by removing the old spots on your seats or sofas in Singapore.

Clean these old spots on your sofa
Once you know the types of upholstery cleaners that would work for you, the next step is now cleaning the old spots. Depending on the material type your sofas will be made from, you will get it well for yourself thus helping you get it right well.

If you buy a new sofa for the first time cleaning, you must know since you will have information that will be keen for you as you buy it to use one when cleaning. You must always know the best ways of cleaning your sofas since this will improve their longevity as you use them in your homes.

Through well cleaning them, you will understand them thus assisting you decide on the best quality to work for you in Singapore.

Dry your Sofas well
After cleaning your sofas yourself or hiring a cleaning expert in Singapore, you must allow them to dry well before using them again in your home. You can review your cleaning process to make sure they are perfectly done since this will have an impact on you during the given process. You can redo the entire process if you are not sure that you will get results that will work for you well. This will enable you clean your sofa, stains well in Singapore for maximum longevity to save you money when replacing them.

In conclusion, this is simple guide on how to remove Stains from Your sofa will make you increase the looks of your home by making your sofas clean as house in general when living in Singapore.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Damaged Sofa Fabric - Replace Or Repair

The sofa is a beautiful piece in the home that requires proper maintenance to keep its quality for a long time. However, it is subject to wear and tear no matter how much you care for it. There are also times when it's inevitable that your beautiful piece gets spilled with your guest's wine, kid's milk, or pet's mishap. Stains are only one among the many reasons a sofa fabric and the furniture itself can become damaged. Most common issues include sagging cushions, ripped leather, torn foams, broken frames and chairs.

In these cases, the sofa isn't just as comfortable as it once was, whether for yourself, your family, guests or clients in the business place. Sometimes, people simply get tired of their sofa and wishes to replace it for it does not look good anymore, or seems to be out of place after a renovation or acquiring an entirely new theme. Figuring out what to do with a large and bulky worn-out sofa can be a big challenge, and many are faced with the dilemma of having it repaired or replaced.

Going for a Sofa Repair

You can get more out of your furniture for less, by opting for repair and restoration instead of getting a replacement. Most issues can be dealt with by having a professional check out the problem firsthand, and find the best possible solution. It's possible to put your sofa back to great shape and make good use of it once more for many more years.

So before you think of getting rid of your beloved sofa, think about reusing it. Is it really ruined and totally destroyed? Check first if the damaged fabric can still be worked on and a good spruce up can make it look new again. Explore other options before tossing out your sofa along with the money you initially spent on it, and the money you can save if you have it professionally cleaned or repaired rather than purchasing a new one.

Sometimes, all it takes is to give it some thorough cleaning or rent a steam cleaner to get stains out. Better yet, have it done by professionals who would know exactly what to do. They can apply the right cleaning methods and products to restore your sofa's comfy state and inviting appearance, without causing any further damage. You can also be certain that it will be done effectively and efficiently, saving you time from undertaking the task itself.

Laden your sofa with new throws or pillows to freshen it up and give life to a piece of your home that's become dul over time. Slipcovers are also great alternatives, arriving in various colors, textiles, and can even be customized to your liking. If you no longer want the style of your sofa in your living room, then you can probably get it cleaned to serve a new purpose at the guest room, basement, garage, or any other recreational space.

Another possibility is to have your sofa reupholstered as necessary to address the damaged sofa fabric. Professionals can completely redo the foam, seat cushions, fabric, PVC or leather, broken stitching, zips, damaged panels and linings altogether. The entire sofa will be replenished with new components and given a new look and feel, but can sometimes cost as much as a new couch given the numerous modern sofa options today. The good thing about opting for reupholstery is that you get a custom piece exactly how you like it done. The sofa will be recovered all throughout and can be made to match your home or office theme to complement other surrounding decor. Moreover, save yourself the trouble of getting rid of the big sofa, and have the assurance of high-quality craftsmanship of your newly made sofa.

Repairing your furniture is definitely one thing to consider especially when the cost of your furniture was quite a gem when you bought it. Typically older and more expensive sofa is the perfect candidate for a repair, having spent thousands of dollars for the exquisite furniture. Professionals can restore it inside and out with the right tools and skills in order to preserve this valuable asset. This sofa that's been compromised might also be a beloved heirloom which you cannot part with. Investing in a sofa repair will give you back this piece of old furniture that has been transformed to remarkably look and feel as if it's totally new without the high price.

Getting a Sofa Replacement

Getting a replacement can also be a good option in some cases and seems to be the best way to go for some people who have the luxury to spend. You can swap out that upholstery for something you love in the snap of your fingers, and instantly have a new look for your home without having to wait. It's as fast as giving your money to the furniture shop seller and incorporating the furniture in your living room or anywhere you want to place your new sofa.

If you really wish to have your sofa immediately replaced, make sure you buy a high-quality sofa that will last longer and withstand wear and tear better than the cheaper and poorly made furniture. Give it utmost care from day one, and be quick to wipe away spills, observe precautions to keep pets from scratching surface, and address any slight damage right away.

Come to think of it, out of the many options to have your sofa repaired instead of replaced, why go through the hassle of buying something new? Only to add the fuss of shopping for a new one, bringing it back to your place, maybe even have to put it together on your own, and ultimately discarding the old one. When it comes to businesses, replacing even just one sofa can be costly yet a nice looking chair greatly contributes to a positive business image and reputation. When it comes to family belongings, family heirlooms and treasured pieces is one thing in this world that's priceless, and professional cleaning or sofa repair proves to be the best choice.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 Tips On How To Keep Your Carpet Look Fresh & Clean

A house with a well-fitted carpet that matches the interior décor of your house can leave your house looking attractive. This is very affordable to all homeowners.However, a major question is, are you encountering difficulties in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet? Well, this has been a major challenge because carpets are known to lure dirt and spills. It has been found out that carpets get swapped more often, that is in an average of six to seven years. Most people replace their carpets when relocating to new houses or when they are selling their old homes. Implementing proper cleaning methods can elongate this period to more years. A clean carpet is free of months, toxins among other unpredictable living compounds. This article will enlighten you on what steps to take in ensuring that your carpet looks neat as a new pin.
Below are the tips;

1. Vacuum Daily
If you want your carpet to be neat and tidy always and then vacuuming it daily is not an option. This is not a hard task. It is advisable to ignore the outer appearance of your carpet this is because it can deceive you into believing that it is spick-and –span.Carpets tend to hide dirt and other particles on their fibers making it hard for you to see them and also tarnishing your carpet.It is, therefore, wise to ensure that you vacuum it on a daily basis for best results. Note that you should purchase a quality brand vacuum cleaner and also maintain systematic breaks each time you clean.

Apart from carrying out this routine, it is also advisable to make sure that you get it cleaned by a professional severally in a year. This will give it a general cleaning mostly to the parts you may neglect. You should note the seasons that you will get it cleaned properly, it is paramount to consider a time like summer and spring when beetles and other insects are finding their way in.

2. Spot Clean
No matter how careful you are about spilling stuff on your carpet, some accidents are inevitable. This means that you should always be armed so as to take action with immediate effect. Don’t get too excited that your carpet comes with stain warranties, this happens. It does not mean that you will just leave spills and spots on the carpet. Remember leaving a spot on a fabric for a long time will turn into a stain meaning after it gets dissolved it can’t come out. It is, therefore, imperative to keep in mind that you have to clean spots and spills immediately.

It is paramount to check for companies that have charts that talk about spot removal. This is because these charts give effective solutions on how to remove spots from your carpet. It is advisable never to scrub whenever your carpet has a spill this is because you are dealing with delicate fabric. The most recommended thing to do is to mildly blot after rubbing in some spotting solution. This is not one off thing to do you may need to repeat this process to get your carpet sparkling. Also, be careful to avoid over dampening your carpet this could turn into a mess.There are other household ingredients you can use to clean your carpet and make sure all the stains are gone. This includes baking soda and corn starch among others, these are very good in dealing with greasy stains.All that you should do is sprinkle some of the above on the stain and leave it overnight then using your vacuum cleaner wipe it out. This works magic and they improve the appearance and feel of your carpet.

3. Professionally Clean
This is a maintenance process that you should not think twice about. It is very recommendable for you to clean your carpet professionally for at least thrice a year. This ensures that your carpet retains its neatness and texture and it also makes it easy for you to maintain its cleanliness. It is crucial to store the cleaning receipts because you may require them in case you want a warranty.

Some knowledge on how carpets are cleaned is essential. For instance, you should note that most carpet mills use hot water abstraction techniques this is by far the most recommended method reason being that it extracts all the soil, spots and dust particles. They also avoid using chemicals that may damage your carpet and family. This technique is the convenient because you will get your carpet done in hours.What it does is to squeeze all the water to ensure it gets dry what’s more is that your carpet remains as clean as you purchased it.

4. Keep The Dirt Outside 
You can implement this method whereby everyone leaves their dirty shoes outside. Those who use this routine can confirm that it really works in getting clear of extra dirt on your carpet. You can also make use of entry mats these methods will leave your carpet looking new. It has been observed that carpets that are stepped on by shoes become way much older compared to those that are not stepped on by dirty shoes. This is because the dirt from the shoes is absorbed and hidden by fiber thus eating up the carpet. It also makes the carpet appear dull even after vacuum cleaning it this is because a lot of dirt is stored in the fiber.

5. Rotate Furniture 
A carpet wears out quickly if you take a long time before moving your furniture. Not moving your furniture creates room for dirt stack up. It is, therefore, recommendable to rotate your furniture at least twice a year this will prevent your carpet wearing out too early.
Maintaining your carpet is not a daunting task. All you are required to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be wearing a smile on your face once you take a look at it.You just have to implement the methods you are comfortable with and they will work just the same.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Using carpet cleaning Singapore is a great way of making sure flooring looks as good as new and is kept stain and blemish free. When using for carpets cleaning Singapore services, homeowners should go for carpet cleaning firms with the ability to deal with any carpet and leave it looking fresh, clean and free from marks.

Another top priority when looking for carpet cleaning Singapore is to go for a company with a good reputation locally as well as trustworthy staff who can be left to work on any property without any worry of theft or damage occurring to a home. The right carpets cleaning firms will thoroughly vet staff to ensure the security of all those using their carpet cleaning services.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services, then visit Singapore today and take a look at the range of carpet cleaning options.

If you want to compare carpet cleaning Singapore prices before making a choice, then talk to one of experienced carpet cleaning Singapore team, and they can provide you with a quote for your specific carpet cleaning needs.

The firms are dedicated to offering the very best carpet cleaning services around, and to ensure we always remain at the top of the carpet cleaning Singapore game,They regularly invest in new equipment and research new techniques.

Visit Carpet Cleaning Singapore today and find out about our wide range of carpet cleaning options.Using carpet cleaning Singapore is a great way of making sure flooring looks as good as new and is kept stain and blemish free. When using for carpet cleaning services, homeowners should go for carpet cleaning Singapore firms with the ability to deal with any carpet and leave it looking fresh, clean and free from marks.

Another top priority when looking for carpet cleaning Singapore is to go for a company with a good reputation locally as well as trustworthy staff who can be left to work on any property without any worry of theft or damage occurring to a home. The right carpet cleaning Singapore firm will thoroughly vet staff to ensure the security of all those using their carpet cleaning Singapore services.

Here at Singapore we offer a wide range of brilliant carpet cleaning services, all for a reasonable price. All of the carpet cleaning Singapore staff are highly skilled in dealing with all kinds of muck and grime.
The range of carpet cleaning Singapore services is wide, and they can deal with any carpet cleaning job, from removing specific stains on a living room carpet to providing carpet cleaning Singapore throughout an entire bedroom detached home.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services, then visit Singapore today and take a look at the range of carpet cleaning options.

If you want to compare carpet cleaning Singapore prices before making a choice, then talk to one of the experienced carpet cleaning Singapore team, and they can provide you with a quote for your specific carpet cleaning needs.

Singapore is dedicated to offering the very best carpet cleaning services around, and to ensure we always remain at the top of the carpet cleaning game, they regularly invest in new equipment and research new techniques.

Tips For Finding The Best Commercial carpet cleaning Company in Singapore

Hiring a carpet cleaning company is a great way to get your house clean and help to keep your family healthy and comfortable. When hiring a company, it is important to keep some specific tips in mind. Doing so will help you to get professional service at the best price.

When hiring a professional service for carpet cleaning in Singapore, check into the company’s cleaning procedures. A low-cost service may cut corners that will leave your carpets spotty and full of contaminants even if they’re not visible.
Here are procedures used by a good carpet cleaning company.

1- Daily Spot Removal

Even though office cleaners may vacuum carpets daily and shampoo them on a regular basis, they should be able to remove light spots from carpets caused by accidents or spills during the workday in your Singapore office with an Eco-friendly spot cleaner. Using spot removal products prevents the need for using heavy carpet cleaning later. By removing spots as they appear, they won’t develop into large stains that will require more cleaning time and effort.

2- Use Authentic Sustainable Products

Lots of cleaning products bear the green label, but only some of them truly live up to the title. When ordering products for carpet cleaning Singapore, read labels and descriptions carefully. Test a small amount of the product on a small area before committing to use it for all your clients. Spot removers, in-tank and pre-spray solutions for nylon carpets should receive the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) seal of approval to ensure that they are quality, non-toxic products. Safe cleaning products for wool carpets will have the Wool Safe seal of approval.

3- Use Different Vacuums for Different Purposes
Backpack vacuums are much more efficient than traditional upright vacuums for cleaning offices with many individual workstations. Fitting the traditional vacuum into each workstation will take much longer than using a lightweight backpack vacuum. Traditional vacuums work fine for hallways, meeting rooms, lobbies and large open areas.

4- Vacuum as Often as Possible

The carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming, at least, two times a week, although office cleaning experts in Singapore think carpets should be vacuumed daily. Dirt, airborne particles, dander, dust mites, mud and other substances tracked in from outdoors are just some of the contaminants that are ground into carpets each day. That’s why vacuuming daily is so important. An efficient carpet cleaning Singapore schedule involves routine vacuuming and spot removal to save time and money on additional carpet shampooing or deep cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Singapore 

Some office managers are under the mistaken impression that hot water extraction, more commonly known as steam cleaning, is detrimental to carpets. According to carpet cleaning experts Singapore, hot water extraction is the best way to thoroughly clean carpets. When steam cleaning is performed by professional cleaners in Singapore, soils, grease, skin, dander and other particles embedded in the carpet can be safely removed.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Is It Okay To Steam Clean Fabric Sofas?

So you are looking for the best way to clean that fabric sofa of yours, and you aren’t sure what’s the best way to do so. 

Well, there are quite a number of ways to clean a fabric, but the common ways are by using shampoo cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning, or simply steam cleaning. 

All have their own pros and cons, but mostly pros. Anyway, the answer to the above question has both short and long versions. The shorter version? Yes, it is okay to steam clean your fabric sofa. 
Now let’s have a look at the longer version, and in the process give the reason why steam cleaning your fabric sofa is more effective and why it’s more sanitary.  

Steam Cleaning Is Increasingly Becoming More Popular 
For starters, upholstery steam cleaning has become more common with most people in the recent years, mainly because of its safe and less-chemical benefits. It actually doesn’t use chemicals at all. 

Steam cleaning is fast replacing the traditional shampoo method. This is because more and more people are finding steam cleaning much safer, and leaves their homes and offices clean and pristine. 

Did you know that a typical person spends more than 90 percent of his/her time in an office or in a house? This means that there are lots of contaminants in our houses and offices. 

The situation is even worse if there are kids and pets involved. They greatly increase the volume of incoming pollutants, and over time, there is a build-up of grime and dust. This is the reason why there is the need to regularly clean our fabric sofas – as well as other upholstery. 

Many cleaning methods out there usually use chemicals, which may be harmful in the long run. Chemicals may have very negative effects on both children and adults alike, especially for those with allergies. But that’s where steam cleaning comes in. 

So what exactly is steam cleaning? And how does it work? 
Just as the names goes, the machine is all about “steam” whereby it applies vaporized water to a multitude of surfaces, either in a home setting or at the office. 

The machine actually resembles a vacuum cleaner and it operates under very hot temperatures, usually about 200º F.  

The steam cleaner works by first heating the sofa, whereby physical bonds between dirt and the fabric are weakened. Once the bonds have been weakened, the dry steam or the overheated water then wipes the dirt. 

The dirt is then collected in a towel that’s been steam moistened, which is always attached to the machine. 

The level of moisture that’s applied is easily controlled depending on surface that’s being worked on. This is to ensure that the material of the sofa is not damaged. 

That is, if the sofa is made of fabric, then the temperature applied will be different to a sofa that is, let’s say, suede or microfiber. It basically means that steam cleaning is safe health-wise, and at the same time protects the sofa thus prolonging its lifetime. 

Why Steam Cleaning Is Preferable? 
There is no doubt that the usual spot cleaning and traditional vacuuming are effective cleaning methods. And that they are vital when it comes to prolonging the life of your fabric sofa. 

However, such methods aren’t as effective in comparison to steam cleaning. This is because vacuuming and spot cleaning tend to only remove debris found at the surface, leaving dirt deeply seated at the fabric. 

When a deeper treatment is performed, further dirt and harmful contaminants are removed, such as dust, mites, pet hair, and any other debris that finds its way deep into the fibers. 

What About Shampoo Treatments?
Well, shampoo treatments have been the most preferable, especially in the past few decades. Yes, the method is just as effective, and of course, you cannot rule it out when it comes to cleaning your fabric sofa. 

That is, shampoo sofa cleaning works by producing a substantial volume of foam that breaks up the dirt and any other contaminant, and then when you wipe the surface, the broken dirt washes out. 

Shampoo cleaning is also advantageous since its lubricating texture minimizes damage to the fibers of the fabric sofa; something that’s common with other methods such as use of brush. 

Most people also prefer shampoo cleaning because it’s faster since you only need to clean the spot on the sofa that’s been affected by the dirt, say, maybe a spilled tea or coffee, or something like that.

But Steam Cleaning Is Sanitary
Despite all the advantages associated with shampoo sofa cleaning, steam cleaning is sterile and much preferable, especially for those looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in their houses and offices. 

Remember that shampoo cleaning utilizes chemicals and its continuous use may lead to accumulation of chemicals on your sofa, and this may have a long term (negative) effect on your health, particularly for those with children. 

Steam cleaning not only uses natural methods, steam water, but also, through heat application, helps reduce bacteria, mites, germs, and any other toxins embedded on the fabric. 

Steam cleaning uses suction in eliminating the heated, weakened dirt. The advantage of this is the fact that it reaches dirt that’s deeply lodged within the fiber, which is something that no other cleaning method can achieve. 

This means that no dirt, no matter how small, is left behind. Everything gets sucked out whenever you steam clean your fabric sofa. And that’s probably the main reason why steam cleaning has become so popular. 

Other Benefits 
With steam cleaning, there is very little (or no) discoloration of the sofa. That is, you’ll rarely see the yellowing effect that’s common with other brighteners. 

Steam cleaning is also faster since it dries the sofa faster compared to spot cleaning. The overheating effect makes sure that the sofa dries faster and ready for use within a matter of minutes. You don’t have to wait for the sofa to dry. Re-soiling is also minimized.

Since there is no chemical use, it means that the air around the office or the house is pure and safe to breath. This type of cleaning is perfect for guys with allergy issues, such as sinusitis.  

When cleaning sofa with a steam cleaner, there is also the advantage of the fact that this method is a natural deodorizing and sanitizing agent without chemical odor whatsoever. 

That is, you don’t have to put some kind of masks or anything when using the steam cleaning machine, because there are no chemicals in use. 

Therefore, to answer the question if it is okay to steam clean your sofa, then the answer is pretty straightforward by now; yes, you can.